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Katie's Bio

With a voice as pure as the driven snow and a heart full of faith, Katie Arrington is a Christian music artist who is quickly making her mark in the world of worship music. Her lyrics are deeply grounded in Scripture, and her style ranges from folk to hymn-like songs. But it's not just her musical talent that makes her stand out; it's her willingness to tackle tough topics like grief and temptation in her music.


Katie's musical journey started in her youth group and church choir, where she began singing and playing guitar. She also started writing her own worship songs at the age of 14 and played them for her local church as a high schooler. Although she took a break from leading worship to pursue her education and start a family, she started leading worship again regularly at her church in Pittsburgh in 2018. As she gained confidence as a solo performer, more worship songs flowed out during this season as a worship leader.


Katie may not have much formal music training, but her experiences leading worship have taught her everything she needs to know about music. She credits Matt Redman as an inspiration to her as a songwriter, and Audrey Assad's beautiful, contemplative style of worship songs has also shaped her development as a musician.


Despite the demands of her job as a tenure-track professor and raising three children, Katie has achieved many notable successes in her music career. Her first single, "Blessed Is the One," debuted at No. 2 on CRC Weekly and hit the No. 4 spot on CRC Monthly. Three of the songs on her EP received honorable mentions in the 2022 SongDoor competition.


What sets Katie apart from other Christian music artists is her willingness to delve into difficult topics in her music. Her songs reflect the wide range of emotions captured in the Psalms, and almost all of her songs are directly linked to a passage from the Bible. Her lyrics are deeply grounded in God's Word, making her music a source of comfort and hope for listeners.


Katie's pastor John Creasy has been a great source of encouragement and wisdom over the years, as has the support of her family, friends, and church. As a vessel for God's message, Katie strives to be faithful to share the songs He's entrusted her with. With a voice that captures the beauty and purity of the Christian faith, Katie Arrington is a rising star in the world of Christian music.

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